We want to navigate life with ease, physically, emotionally, mentally. When encountering challenges on any of these levels, we’ll experience dis-ease. Once solved, we’re back into the ease state. Challenges are teachers forcing students to do the learning.

There’s a psychology of dependence we’re experiencing in the medical sector, specialists who know it all, the patient, a simpleton incapable to take any intelligent action. I’m not against doctors but against embracing helplessness. There’s way less emphasis on prevention; attention is on medication. Good nutrition, for example, is key to health. Despite that, the time dedicated to nutrition in medical school is minimal. The body is a very complex, mind-blowing piece of machinery: a trillion cells structured further into tissues then organs. An army of a trillion microbes live within you – bacteria, viruses, fungi. This is called your individual microbiome, which studies prove that impact everything, from susceptibility to infection to heart disease and possibly even behaviour. Thousands of chemical reactions per second happen in your body. Hats off to the curious and bright minds trying to decipher it!

As I see it, the current shortfall is the focus on body as if it were a car to be fixed by a mechanic. But there are immense forces which makes you choose what you’re doing with/to your body: your emotions, conscious or unconscious, supressed or displayed. Your thoughts. Your external environment, social, physical, people surrounding you, air you breathe in, water you drink. Gut as a second brain is, finally, an accepted theory: what you eat, how you digest and assimilate, influences what you think.

Military approach of disease (Fight! Fight cancer! Fight obesity! Fight dementia!) looks at disease as being a foreign, external and hostile force that the body must battle and defeat. For example, identifying the invading micro-organism and killing it with an antibiotic. But WHY the same bacteria or virus will spare one person but create havoc in another? Why in one host, it can live peacefully for many years, but in another can trigger illness? Or why can be present for years, in one and the same host, without creating problems, but becomes lethal at another time in the person’s life?
In the 19th century, Louis Pasteur and Claude Barnard- two illustrious minds in microbiology and physiology- held two opposing views. Pasteur stated that the virulence of the microbe decides the course of illness. Barnard, that the vulnerability of the host decides. On his death bed, Pasteur exclaims:
“Barnard avait raison. Le germ n’est rien, c’est la terrain qui est tout.” (The microbe is nothing, the ground is everything).
Would you dare to take the information leaflet of your prescribed tablets and read the section on side effects? I would and wouldn’t advice.
I would only if you are ready to explore alternative ways, to take responsibility and start your personal journey. Listen and look after your mind, body and soul, and be aware of the permanent communication between them. Nourishing all, responding to their calls, breaking bread and drinking wine with every part of yourself in ease and peace. Scientifically, it has a name: homeostasis.
I wouldn’t if you don’t. If you’re content with classic approach to your condition, if you feel there’s nothing else under the sun to help you (If reading this, there’s a high probability you have a health condition). And also, because nocebo is as real as placebo.

Old ways wont open new doors

Most pharmaceuticals prescriptions will handle symptoms, but the cause tends to remain unattended. Medication will supress. It’s like hushing the lips which cry for help. There are no more wails, but the disfunction, ailment and turmoil is still there, gaining in momentum and rage. When you supress a disease, it will return at a later date or will mutate into something more sinister.
The removal of an ugly eruption does not heal the process that initially produced it. The surgical excision of moles and warts will frustrate the energy which produced it, drive it further inside so it will become more virulent and destructive.
To make things even more complicated, no disease has a single cause. A systemic model sees many processes and factors in the formation of disease and the creation of health. The biopsychosocial model looks at social, psychosocial and physical factors playing equally important roles and deserving equal attention. Healing is finding balance and harmony.
The homeopathic curative process looks and starts inside. From within, outwards, from above, downwards, from major to minor organs. When harmony is created within, it will radiate outwards. It takes a shift in consciousness and habitual line of thinking.
As of nutrition, listen to Hippocrates, the one considered the father of Western medicine: “Let the food be your medicine”. Not the ascorbic acid synthetized in laboratory but the cherries, lemons and fresh bell peppers themselves.

True cure takes time. Few are willing to invest, quick return for as little effort as possible is our times’ motto.
I’m here to support you into a different journey, patiently listening to you in the most minutia details, asking questions I believe to be relevant, sharing my knowledge, guiding you accordingly.
I’ll tackle your condition from many angles, also according to your openness to it (people find it way easier to speak of their digestion than their emotions).
Consultation will assess your digestion, adrenal health, hormonal balance, thyroid health, mental and emotional states according to the displayed symptoms and I will be advising on how you can support your body through nutrition and homeopathy. I will look at opening channels of drainage for a very gentle detox, working on specific organs if these need extra support (and they always do), offering lifestyle and dietary advises, suggesting specific tests which might offer a deeper picture into how your body functions, stress management approach etc. Final goal is to find your essence, your “constitution” as homeopathy puts it, and to recommend at that level. There will be few remedies prescribed (if homeopathy) on the road to health, few stages, few consultations.
I learned to integrate nutrition and homeopathy while looking at health conditions. If you want to separate it, not feeling comfortable with one or another, your wish is my command. I’m not diagnosing or prescribing as a doctor, no competence for that. My educated guess is that you’ve been there, seen and done that and you’re willing to try a different route, for various personal reasons. We’re all well intended, doctors and alternative practitioners, that’s beyond any grain of doubt.

“The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.” Goethe


  • WPHostee Team, STRONGLY recommends MapToHealth to EVERYONE interested in running a successful business these days. With a healty mind, body and spirit you can't go wrong in any business industry!"

  • Jennifer M

    "Isolation during this pandemia put such strain on my life, I stayed at home just to make sure I don't catch the virus, not even shopping. But it was my nephew's birthday so I took the courage to meet him in the park, equipped with mask and gloves and keeping the social distance. Just wanted to see him and wish him happy birthday! However, next day I felt heaviness on my chest, headache and throat ache. I was so scared! Mariana prescribed for my symptoms, after taking it I feel so much better, 90% of symptoms are gone, I can breathe normally and my throat isn't sore anymore. Very grateful for such quick help!".
    - March 2020

  • Leah C

    "Mariana helped me in a time when I felt that everything was out of control. I was eating too much, and drinking too much alcohol and coffee.
    We had a consultation, which was the first opportunity for me to verbalize what was worrying me. She was really thorough in collecting relevant information to decide what homeopathic treatment was right for me.
    That also constituted the first step towards me taking health into my own hands: we really are our own best doctors.
    The treatment and support Mariana provided me with made giving up alcohol and coffee an effortless process. Each time I thought of drinking I felt mildly sick. Coffee was a bit tough to give up for the first 3 days, and I completely forgot about it after that.
    Mariana's help ensured I stayed off the stuff, for around 2 months."
    - January 2020

  • Mody G

    "Following the nutritional rules Mariana had set up for me very clearly, I was shocked how quickly I lost weight, around 8kg in one month! No strict and narrow meals like other diets ask you to do, no frustrations but sound minded guidelines I found easy to apply and incorporate into my life. I slipped out for awhile due to stress of changing jobs and family issues, but I have the tools to take me to the weight I want, and in a healthy way".
    - November 2019

  • Serpil L

    "After a visit to GP with respiratory complaints, he asked me to do lungs screening. Waiting for results my anxiety skyrocketed. I simply couldn't sleep, could barely count few hours of switching of. Worse scenarios, bleakest thoughts kept me awake through nights, daytime I was drained. After one week I was exhausted, mentally and physically. First pill I took from what Mariana handed me was, no more, no less than a magic pill!!! I slept so deep and so long that it felt like a week. Mind blowing! I don't want to exaggerate but I felt it literally saved my life!".
    - May 2019

  • Cristina L, Roman, Romania

    "Doctor diagnosed me with chronic otitis with partial deafness in my left ear. I was prescribed antibiotics course for 10 days, anti-inflammatory, nose decongestant, expectorant medicine. Unfortunately, I continued to be very unwell. Computer tomography showed all sinuses remained blocked with infection, in addition there was a slight nasal sept deviation. Second diagnosis was chronic sinusitis. As previous harsh treatment didn't help, I was recommended surgery. I was explained that nasal deviation didn't allow the infection to clear through the intranasal tubules therefore it puts pressure on left ear and caused partial deafness. I was prescribed another treatment for 30 days. After a consultation with Mariana, she wrote for me a clear plan of action with homeopathic pills to ease the elimination of infection, tissue salts to help my body through minerals and also recommended ways to support liver after antibiotic treatment.
    On the third visit, the video camera inserted in my nose and ears showed no traces of infection. All clear. However, doctor is still recommending surgery for nasal sept deviation."
    - February 2020

  • A. Titreville – Paris, France

    "Mariana knows how to listen and, according to symptoms, to find the right approach. She's not only competent but patient and accessible if further questions. The recommendations she made helped me when I had immunity issues and it sorted my respiratory difficulties (loss of smell and taste I had experienced, which might have been related to Covid). I'm so grateful and would recommend her without hesitation."
    - April 2020

  • Hannah N. – London, UK

    "Thank you for looking after me!!! The tiny, magic pill you gave me when I was in such distress because I overindulged in fatty foods worked miracle! I really liked how you asked me all these questions about my medical history, my eating and lifestyle habits before you prescribed anything and the way you explained to me why is important to give you as much information as possible. The liver detox that you prescribed me on a different session also helped me to gain back my energy and vitality. I am very impressed by your patience and dedication to follow up on my treatment and its effects. I am forever grateful!!!!"
    - January 2020

  • Claire S, London, UK

    I had asked Mariana's help with my daughter in mind (she wasn't present at consultation) for her strong emotional reactions, sort of social phobias, difficulties to be in people presence and relate to them. My daughter is a teenager and I know these could be part of growing up and finding a place in the society. I had described as best as I could her personality and based on that, a certain homeopathic remedy was recommended which I carried in my purse. The opportunity to try happened when we met  some family friends we haven't seen for more than one year, a summer picnic in the park. All was well, journey went smooth until she saw them from afar. Then a burst of tears and refusal to go closer, very strong emotional reactions. I sit her on a bench, reassured her best I could and asked her to take a pill under tongue. Less than 10 min later, she stand up, found her courage and approached the group. Half hour on the way, she was in deep conversation with the younger kids, stating her position on gender equality. Memorable experience!"
    - August 2019

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