A matter of the heart

Let’s talk about it from a medical perspective, addressing your worries about issues you might be confronting with.
High blood pressure is very frequent. You might also be terrified at the perspective of heart attack, angina, stroke, atherosclerosis, preeclampsia or experience less life-threatening conditions like circulation issues, cold hands and feet, erectile disfunction, low moods.
It’s all about oxygen, the ability of your blood vessels to carry it where is needed. Everywhere, really. But heart and brain are the priority.
If blood vessels are not dilated sufficiently then, obviously, less oxygen and nutrients will be transported. The consequence? Plenty cells in your heart and brain will be dying; if too many, angina, heart attacks, migraines and even neurological damages will follow. Blood flowing through constricted vessels will put more pressure on it, hence the high blood pressure. When you are active, you breath in more oxygen, not so if you watch TV with a pint of beer or overwork sitting in front of a computer screen 10h a day in a stuffy room.
Focus on this compound responsible with dilation: NITRIC OXIDE. Deficiency will lead to blood vessels constriction. Also, blood platelets will get sticky, leading to formation of clots. If you have a cut, sustained any injury, several blood vessels were destroyed, and new ones have to be made as soon as possible. Nitric oxide required.
There is a gene called NOS3 which looks after nitric oxide production. Stress, smoking and pollution will dirty this gene which in return will lower production of BH4. Without BH4, instead of nitric oxide, another compound will be released called superoxide, a dangerous free radical much associated with diabetes. You got it: it goes back to lowering stress. “Pray, eat, love” comes to mind. Perhaps you watched the movie. I haven’t but sounds like a smart plan. Maybe you can even comment on how prayer had personally helped you, or meditation, mindfulness, any method employed to calm your mind and bring hope, the essential ingredient to get through any hardship.
BH4 requires food containing Magnesium, Zinc and folate (vitamin B9, little to do with the synthetic compound named folic acid which tries to mimic B9 with detrimental effects). Do not take BH4 supplements unless you are born with a rare form of deficiency.
Nitroglycerine and arginine promote the release of nitric oxide.
First one is used by doctors in hospital. Short used, it can save someone’s life. Long term, you might develop resistance.
ARGININE is an amino acid found in both animal and vegetal proteins. Eat turkey breast, chicken, pork loin, pumpkin seeds, spirulina. Dairy products too, but all should be organic. There are plenty people who have difficulties breaking lactose and casein, those with digestive sensitivities, those with autoimmune diseases. I’m reluctant on dairy, but if you believe you are safe, still go with goat or sheep diary products and avoid cow. You can also find arginine as supplement, but food is holly, comes first, is way superior to any supplement coming in isolation therefore worth the effort.
If you have infections or inflammations in your body, arginine will be “stolen” as is needed someplace else, so less will be available for the functioning of heart and brain. That’s why a holistic approach is needed.
Estrogen stimulates production of nitric oxide. When women start the menopause and all their hormones lower, they become at risk with heart problems.
If it’s something you can and should do right now as a prime measure to support your heart and mind (brain), that is to focus on your BREATHING! Unconscious process, you breath in day and night, in goes oxygen, out goes carbon dioxide. But so many people have a shallow breathing. You should breath from abdomen in long, full breaths rather than shallow breath from chest. Do yourself a favor and research deep breathing, learn few techniques (i.e Pranayama) and apply it consistently. And what a gift to yourself to breath deeply it in a splendid forest, far from the maddening, crowded industrial world! If heart disease runs through your family, improving your breathing is probably the best thing you can do.
There are also plenty people who struggle with sleep apnea, are mouth breathers, have chronic sinuses congestion, deviated septum, snoring, tongue-tie condition (apparently is a common condition for babies, easily correctable), nasal polyps developed perhaps as a response to allergens. Stop and ponder, all these might cause you to have high blood pressure, so act on it!
Sleep well, hydrate, move around, walk daily in nature, do a moderate amount of daily exercise, eat healthy food and breath, in and out, in and out, with a sense of gratitude. It is a gift. May your heart always be joyful, friends!

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