Born and bred in Romania, in London since 2002, I graduated the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest with a master’s degree in human resources management. The sphere of my interests had always been broad.

Books had been my dearest companions, initially fiction and poetry (Dostoyevsky, Hesse and Nabokov the favorite)  then an orientation towards psychological, philosophical, comparative religion and wellbeing interests (Camus, Jung, Lipton, Blavatsky, Matte). Qi Gong and meditation do wonders calming my mind and regulating my emotions. I also have 2nd degree in Reiki, though I confess I do not find time to practice anymore. On sunny days, I love nothing better than taking a light rucksack and walking until sunset in the countryside; mountains are my portal to another state of being. For several years I’ve been volunteering with Silverline (charity offering helpline to older people) where I have been matched with a Scottish lady suffering with chronic fatigue and isolation, whom I befriend weekly on the telephone.

I couldn’t have made it where I am without my family and friends. In times of vulnerabilities and sorrows, they had never failed to give me strength and comfort or simply listen. Their presence and genuine affection repaired holes in the fabric of my heart. Thank you! And rest assured, karma never fails.

My teen daughter, at 14 already graduating Cambridge in literature, art and drama (joking, but also describing her interests and abilities) ironically calls me a hippie and nutrition queen, but to my delight she does take the little pills I offer for colds or pain, though she swears she will never, ever eat avocado. She frowns (and more) if I make any negative comments during the Great British Bake Off show (confession time, I’m a pastry and biscuits addict, and it takes a lot of effort to keep it under control).

My initial interest with homeopathy was purely intellectual. Yes, I know everything is energy, people are energy therefore health and disease are energetical states, so approaching it through this angle made sense to me, on a theoretical level. Doors of such perceptions are tightly shut by the mainstream current of thought and education, though. For every ailment, you should go to doctor, because you are a civilized person living in 21st century.  On the other side, here’s Voltaire speaking, famous for his cynicism: “Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing.”

I’m currently studying at College of integrated nutrition and homeopathy running at Regents University, London, with exceptionally experienced and inspirational teachers. The high standards of education and the tools to achieve health we, as students, are equipped with through this course, gives me the knowledge and confidence to be here right now and offer you the support you crave for.

15 years back I was plagued by urinary tract infections, doctor prescribed me 4 different courses of antibiotics, one after another, with no success. Nowadays, I have my homeopathic pills, at the slightest sign of discomfort, I know exactly what to do!!

Shocked by the swollen lymph points I found one evening, more than one year ago, which pointed to an infection my body was fighting off, I knew whom I must turn to. Not the GP, who would have booked me in two weeks but my homeopath. She prescribed 1 tiny pill (Hepar Sulph) to be taken in the morning and evening, for 2 days. On the third morning, 85% of swelling was gone and the rest is history (don’t take Hepar Sulph for same ailment, please, every treatment is very personalized!).

This is a very rough sketch of me. Above all, I appreciate honesty, kindness and I strive for truth. Simply put, I’ll help you with nutritional advises and homeopathic remedies because I believe in it.

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better”

-Maya Angelou

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