Whatever you choose to do in your life, commitment, resilience and patience are needed to succeed. It takes time to acquire and manifest a health condition. Subsequently, you need to allocate time for remedies to act and achieve healing. I recommend a minimum of two consultations, one or two months apart. However, numbers will vary greatly according to the chronicity of your condition and the amount of medication received. Homeopathy and conventional treatments can go side by side. As your condition will gradually improve, you will decide when, if and how you reduce medication until none whatsoever, ideally.  

From personal experience, homeopathy  works miracles on emotions, the biggest saboteurs when it comes to choose between a leek and potatoes soup, for example, or wolfing a cake and slumbering on your sofa with a beer and a packet of crisps in the evening.

Through nutritional advises, I look into building up your energy so that the vital force (innate intelligence, life force, qi, prana) which directs the body systems to function in harmonious ways,  will be at the ready to pick up the information carried within the remedies and lead you to the desired health.

For that reason, I strongly recommend a consultation which integrates both nutrition and homeopathy. You can also opt for one type only.

On top of the information provided through a questionnaire, the online consultation will allow me to meet you directly and deepen the analysis. I will then spend time studying and reviewing your case, selecting the most appropriate remedies to start with. There are more than 7,000 remedies offered by Materia Medica, only a very thorough investigation will lead me to correct one(s). Lifestyle factors will be examined attentively. Within a couple of days, you will be emailed a plan of action, a sort of map navigating you to the joys of health and wellbeing.

Paid fee is for consultation only. Homeopathic remedies (pills or liquid), nutritional supplements (food state nutrients classified as raw food, suitable for vegans and vegetarians) or any other products recommended are not included in the price. You will receive clear guidance on where you can purchase them.

  • Online homeopathic consultation – £65
  • Online nutrition consultation – £65
  • Online homeopathic & nutrition consultation – £70

Discounts are offered if members of family are requesting consultations or if you recommend more people.

When booking, a payment of £15 is required to insure you keep your reservation.

If you need to cancel or re-book, please email/text me 48 hours in advance and deposit will be refunded (if cancellation).

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