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Did you know how important is vitamin K2?

Your brain and your teeth are mainly the ones which will suffer if not enough K2. And isn’t hard at all to make sure you have what it takes.

Brain, after saliva, cartilages in stern and pancreas, has the most concentration of vitamin K2. This vitamin helps the enzymes involved into the production of sulfatides (a class of lipids). Lack of it will result in neurological degeneration. As guessed, vitamin K2 production lowers with age.

Upon autopsy of Alzheimer patients, they showed 93% less sulfatides. Also, rats lacking this enzyme necessary to produce sulfatides shows growth retardation, weak legs, seizures, locomotory problems.

Speaking of teeth, K2 changes the saliva composition so it will protect against cavities. Are you aware of that? So far, what we are constantly told is that the best way to protect is using toothpaste containing fluoride. Myth debunked by reality, but oh well, the official story goes on, for reason we don’t analyse here and now.

Time to check the work of DR Western Price, if you are struggling with dental issues. He looked at teeth as a health indicator: if teeth are straight and free from infection then the whole body is well formed and resistant to disease.

Travelling around world, he studied indigenous people and tribes living on traditional foods. His findings? Food rich in vitamin K2 (fat foods, good fat, we’re not including here the rancid sunflower oils in plastic bottles, margarine etc) reduced bacterial count in those prone to cavities and help with remineralisation. He used cod liver oil and butter to reverse carries. Ready to give it a try, instead of using high fluoride toothpaste?

If you have kids you wish to reach their growth as nature intended, you might want to know that K2 will signal the bones when to stop the calcification, neither too early, nor too late. Children grow until their growth plates at the end of the bones calcify and it is vitamin K2 that prevents that calcification until the child reaches maturity.

“Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” by Dr Western Price

“Cure Tooth Decay: Remineralise Cavities and Repair Your Teeth Naturally with Good Food” by Ramiel Nagel

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