For more than 200 years, homeopaths are in the service of humanity, and there are currently 200 million people worldwide who are working on their health through homeopathy. 100 million Europeans used it successfully in 40 out of 42 European countries.  Few countries like Switzerland, France, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and India offer it through their national health systems.

All over the world, royals had been using it. Queen Adelaide (1792 – 1849), suffering from a serious and incurable malady, was successfully treated homoeopathically, creating first supporters through British royals. The remarkable healthy and robust demeanour of Queen Elisabeth II might have something to do with her small leather case divided in 60 compartments and filled with homeopathic remedies for ailments like travel sickness, jet lag, indigestion, bruising etc. She is a patron of Royal London Homeopathic Hospital (renamed now as Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine). First time she was admitted in hospital was at 56 for a wisdom tooth extraction. Prince Charles is the most open and public defender of alternative medicine, so much so that critics called him freakish. He’s fit and rarely falls ill under the advises of his alternative medical adviser. Queen’s father, George VI used alternative medicine as much as conventional one, naming his horse Hypericum, after a well – known remedy used for nerve damage. So did Queen Mary, who lived until 101. Many kings, queens, dukes from Germany, Prussia, Austria, Italy, Spain, France, Russia used homeopathy.

Homeopathy is helping people to regain their health through the usage of highly diluted substances derived from plant, mineral and animal kingdoms. The final result is chemically indistinguishable from the diluent (distilled water, ethanol, lactose), at 12C dilution no molecule of initial substance is present. Between dilutions, succusion takes place (shaking the product).

What substance (remedy)?

“Similia similibus curentur” or Like cures like – that is the principle of selecting a remedy.

If a substance creates certain symptoms of disease in healthy people, same substance, diluted infinitesimally, will cure similar symptoms in sick people.

The potency each remedy comes under will describe the number of dilutions. A quick example:

C associated with a number stands for centesimal dilution.

  • 1C means mixing 1 drop of a substance with 99 drops of diluent.
  • 2C is taking 1 drop from the above mix and mixing it with 99 drops of diluent.
  • 3C is taking one drop of the new mix and diluting it with 99 drops diluent and so forth.

At 12C, Avogadro number is reached, which means that no molecule of initial substance can be detected in the mix. There is only energy of the substance. Lower dilutions under 12C still carry traces. Following this rationale, homeopathy is energetic medicine. Its detractors deny the therapeutic effect naming it a placebo. To pour 1 drop of ink into a lake (or ocean, as dilution can go as far as diluting 1 drop with 49,999 diluent drops and further) and to expect a drop on the other shore to carry any traces of ink it’s quackery. To pretend you can heal people with such method is foolish, an affront to science. Best case scenario, it’s idealistic, worst case scenario, theft and exploitation of the naïve or desperate.

Homeopathic approach states that such ultra-molecular dilutions work because water can store information relating to substances with which it has previously been in contact and can therefore maintain the properties of those substances, even if substance is present no more. All reactions, even biomolecular ones, require energy in order to occur and that energy is contained within the reacting molecules. As a result, homeopathy works by the type of energy storage in the water molecules.

Are you ready to stop rejecting an approach to health just because it doesn’t fit present line of thought? Ready to cast aside your scepticism and prejudices? Listen to your inner voice who knows and often tells you that behind the visible, there’s the invisible, hidden from the crude senses? That man isn’t just a mix of trillion nucleuses and protoplasm but energy and a spiritual being?   That science is only an instrument attempting to decipher the unknown and scientific theories and conclusions are continuously changing, indeed for the right reasons?

The homeopath knows homeopathy works

People experiencing healing effect of a homeopathic remedies, they no longer doubt it and will use it over and over again as a tool for cure.

Homoeopathy views disease as being caused originally by a disruption in energy flow. Because remedies re-establish equilibrium at the most basic levels, life expectancy can be increased. If cure is not possible, palliation still works and without side effects.

Detailed case taking which may last longer than one hour tries to understand the patient as a whole, not just the disease, giving you the opportunity to express your deepest feelings, concerns, desires, aversions, fears, dreams etc.

Remedies help re-establish equilibrium in the body/mind, work fast because they don’t have to be digested or travel through the alimentary canal. The therapeutic dose is considered the least amount needed to stimulate healing. A single remedy often covers many different symptoms, something chosen for one ailment often heals other problems. Not a single remedy is addictive or creates drug dependency, have no side effects, none was ever withdrawn from the counter. Contrary, it helps boost immunity in general. No expiry date, their availability can go on for a century, if kept in proper conditions. There’s never any sort of invasive procedure involved when you opt for a homeopathic consultation.

In some cases that would normally be considered surgical, surgery can be avoided. Otherwise it tackles post-surgical discomfort without drugging or side effects. In case of old age or debility when there is multisystem damage and people cannot tolerate drugs, they can tolerate homoeopathy. Terminally ill can be relieved of fear and pass peacefully.

Pregnant women may be prescribed safely without danger to the foetus. Homeopathy can help promote easier and safe birthing.

“Until we accept that fact that life itself is founded in mystery, we shall learn nothing”
Henry Miller 

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