You might ask, what’s such a big deal about eating healthy food? And what does healthy mean? It’s too general of a term. On top, we’re surrounded by fad diets, fashionable then falling in derision; some are later contradicted by further studies or simply creating long term problems. Never a shortage of theories, rising and falling. In a society which praise the form rather than content, where looks are glorified and beauty standards are sometimes going against anatomy and always against health, many are going to a nutritionist hoping to get into a gorgeous party dress, be ready for summer with a bikini body, increase their chances to find a partner who’ll love them eternally and unconditionally (such irony). Modern Western diet is based on high intakes of red meat, processed meat, fast food, dairy, wheat, refined sugar, sugary drinks, artificial sweeteners, additives, preservatives, table salt, refined grains, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats. Soils are depleted in minerals, pollution is worryingly high, food is genetically modified. Consequences are there in plain daylight. Check statistics.

There’s an epidemic of obesity, around 1 billion people in the world are obese due to diets high in refined sugar and surrogates (consumption raised with 250% over past 15 years). Along with obesity comes malnourishment. Over-consumption of processed food and empty calories is leading to people being overweight, while in the same time causing serious deficiencies in minerals and vitamins. Heart disease is, by far, the leader on killers list in UK (and US), followed by cerebrovascular diseases for women and lung cancer for men. Around half million people in UK are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, 29,000 of them are children. Incidence is raising with 4% each year, especially for children under five, which is very alarming. UK has one of the highest rates of Type 1 diabetes in the world. Think twice about the sweet future waiting for them when handing a candy to your kid to reward him, it could mean 65,000 injections during their lifetime.

Your brain is so influenced by the food you eat! Food controls levels of neurotransmitters our brain is producing in order to regulate behavior and mood. Your brain is also 60% fat and it does need fat in order to work properly. Good, healthy fat, not hydrogenated and trans-fats you find in pastries, cakes and ready-made meals. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for normal brain function. You’ve heard of serotonin, the happiness neurotransmitter, yes?  Breaking news, 95% is produced in your gut. If your gut microbiome is compromised, you’ll feel sorry. Literally. Junk food is a common cause of depression and anxiety. Is the picture of teens queuing after school for chicken and fries familiar? If you have a teen, you do see it, otherwise is just part of landscape. If you have a teen, you also know the huge increase in mental health issues they are confronted with. Nearly a quarter of 14 years girls in UK are self-harming. Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death for children between age 10 to 14.

Skin disorders? The incidence of eczema had raised to two to three folds in industrialized countries over the past three decades. By 2025 it is forecasted that half of the EU population will be suffering with allergies, according to the rate of diagnosis. The immune system is there to protect us against pathogens. Nowadays it’s so overwhelmed and confused that it turns into an enemy, attacking the healthy cells. Auto-immune diseases are on a spectacular rise, they are 80 types, according to Wikipedia, and can affect any part of your body: celiac, IBS, Grave’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Hashimoto thyroid, psoriasis, chronic fatigue. And finally, when all symptoms are exploding un-controllingly and doctors can’t make sense of what had caused it, they shrug shoulders in defeat and declare the condition of “unknown etiology”. Epilepsy and eczema for example.

My offer

The body and mind are crumbling, hand in hand. It sounds gloomy. Let’s turn the page. Knowledge is key, hence I’ll pass you mine. Will power, organizational skills and commitment are yours to employ. Trust me, the effort to make necessary dietary changes is well worth it! The golden rule of a healthy diet is to have all three food groups on any of your plate: carbohydrates, fats, proteins. It differs according to your particular metabolism. No single food or food groups can supply all nutrients, that’s why diversity is not only the spice of life, but the brick of strong health. On top of variation is clean source of food. Next, food should be local and seasonal.

Supplements I will be recommending are only temporary in order to bring you to a level of energy and clarity from where you can make the correct choices; without any shadow of doubt, the long term changes need to come through the holly food. The offer is overwhelming and so the choice becomes a very confusing process.  However, I will be able to recommend you best products on the UK market, as most brands I work with are offering food-based nutrients in their supplements. I work with tissue salts and medicinal plants infusions to help with a quick boost in your minerals and vitamins intake. Homeobotanicals are blends of herbs which are prepared homeopathically, initiated in New Zeeland in 1970; they come in liquid forms and address a variety of issues. There are specific blends of plants working synergistically, specially designed for organs or general help: for liver (performing over 200 functions in the body, one of which is detox; and what a burden on liver in this polluted world!), for pancreas if you experience blood sugar issues, for blood cleansing, for enhancing immunity, for better assimilation of nutrients (eating well is only first step, optimal digestion and assimilation have to follow), for migraines, insomnia etc.

Although I do not provide meal plans, as I support creativity, originality and freedom, I can direct you to some recipes according to your area of focus: for heart health, skin health, stress relief, liver health, joints health, good digestion etc. If interested in further private investigations, I can point you to trustable tests from market leaders in order to shed more light into your condition, for example gut health, which I can interpret and narrow it down to very specific recommendations. There are further batteries of questionnaires for you to complete and me to assess if you’d like to have an understanding and evaluation of your genes, which you might have inherited “dirty” or they can “act dirty” in response to your environment, lifestyle, improper diet. According to your answers, we can identify the main culprits and focus on how to clean them through nutrition and short-term supplementation.

The power is on your plate. Then watch how your life transforms. Or how the transformed you is living

By increasing awareness on the food you put on the daily plate, choosing whole, nutritious, diverse and clean ingredients, dedicating time to shop and cook, eating mindfully, learning how to improve your digestion and absorption, including certain enzymes and probiotics, especially if you have difficulties digesting fats or have been on antibiotics, scanning your whole body to assess vulnerable organs and consistently supporting it, all of these will make a huge impact on the quality of your life. Imagine a future where you’re joyful instead of moody and gloomy, enthusiastic instead of flat and tired, sharp instead of searching for thoughts and words in a thick brain fog. Alive, agile and pulsating with positive energy instead of crouching in bed with pain, welcoming and dancing with changes instead of fearing it, able to self-regulate your emotions instead of losing self – control. There is a road to reach that future lands, thought it became the road less travelled. With every step you’ll take, you’ll reclaim your freedom, vitality and happiness. I’m here to guide and support you achieving your goals and living a full life.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”

-Virginia Woolf

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